Bubba Kush


CBD: < 13%
THC: < 0.2%
Aroma: Spicy, Dark Chocolate, Earthy
Intensity: Low to Medium

Known as the Queen of Indica in the world of THC, our Bubba Kush outdoor has the same benefits, but without the buzz. Its pastel green buds develop bright and violet hues towards the end of the bud. Feel a sovereign calm: with vaporizer or classic mode, the Bubba accompanies you to the end of the day in absolute peace. Its aroma is truly unique: it feels spicy, citric and somewhat dark chocolate nuances. Put yourself in the hands of this Indica empress: whether out in nature, before bed or on the sofa, you’ll sleep like a baby.



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1g, 3g (5€/g), 5g (4.5€/g), 10g (4€/g)

Bubba Kush



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