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Open your own CBD franchise!

Our Vision

We want to be the reference point for the culture and excellence of hemp-based products.

Our Mission Statement

To help our customers find the balance between body and mind.

Our Motto

Follow the Alchemy.

Why Franchising?

Franchising is a commercial agreement or contract that is concluded between an entrepreneur, the owner of a brand, and another entrepreneur who wishes to invest in acquiring the right to use that brand and its business model.

It is an opportunity for those who want to become financially independent, because they know that, market conditions are convenient for investing in such a business.

The franchise minimizes the risks involved in starting a new business that is unknown to the market. And it has been proven to be the fastest growing business model in the world and the most likely to succeed.
But it is essential to work with a serious company whose brand is well known on the market.

Why CBD?

It is a fast-growing market and the revenue opportunities are very attractive; sales to consumers are increasing and the market is expected to grow to USD 20 billion worldwide by 2024.

Many world-renowned companies are showing interest in CBD; big brands like Sephora and L’Oréal have already launched skincare products with hemp and CBD ingredients, and other food and beverage brands have started experimenting with CBD oil.

Why choose CBD Alchemy?

CBD Alchemy, a leading producer of CBD flower, oil and other CBD products, is one of Europe’s fastest growing companies in the industry, making it the perfect partner for a profitable and successful collaboration.

By joining our team, in addition to all the necessary support in key aspects, you can count on a strong and well-positioned brand, with 100% pure products as they are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and all the necessary experience to start your new business project.

Our Commitment

  • 25+ years of experience as a producer
  • High profit margins
  • 100% products ordered with CBD Alchemy
  • Exclusive promotions

Your Advantages

No entry fee
No monthly commissions and no privileges on turnover (no demand of royalty at the end of the year)
One single interlocutor: you are buying directly from the producer
Productions of exceptional and constant quality
Franchise customers will be able to buy through the website
Profit margin on sales between 100% and 150%


Minimum size of the premises 20m2
Ideally located in a city with a minimum of 6000 inhabitants
Initial investment: approx. 30,000/35,000€ depending on shop conditions
12,000€ product
12,000€ equipment
5,000€ works and fitting out of the premises
1,000€ other expenses

Note: This is an estimate which, of course, depends on each project.

Our Products

  • From producer to client
  • CBD flowers Greenhouse, indoor, outdoor
  • CBD Oil – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Pure and Pet
  • CBG oil
  • CBN Oil
  • Pre-Rolled Joint
  • Hashish
  • Extractions
  • E-Liquids CBD
  • Hemp teas and infusions
  • Foodstuffs
  • CBD Cosmetics & Aromatherapy
  • Clothing & Accessories

What sets us apart from other CBD shops?

  • Fast, reliable and available customer service, pre and post-sales available
  • Full support for the entire duration of the contract
  • Sales support
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing Support
  • Continuous training on all our products and on the world of hemp
  • Interior design of your shop: from the first draft to the big opening day! to the big opening day!
  • Time needed for the opening: 1 MONTH*.

*Once the location of the shop has been defined.


  • Benefit and use of cbd, technical training
  • Sales and customer service techniques
  • Shopping experience
Visual Merchandising
  • Product management
  • Visual in store
  • Window dressing
Buying Advice
  • Market-driven ordering
  • Simulation of income statement for the first year
  • Commercial calendar

Transfer of know-how:

  • Pre-opening and start of activity manuals
  • Commercial management manual
  • Social networks and corporate image manual

How to join

For further information or starting your new successful venture, contact us as soon as possible and we will show you all the advantages of an alliance with the best CBD producer on the European market.
What are you waiting for? Join CBD Alchemy.


Angela Gagliardi: / +34 613 01 70 54
Charlotte Agenès: / +34 623 10 25 40

CBD Alchemy Spain

Barcelona Aribau
Carrer d’Aribau, 43
08011 Barcelona
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Barcelona Gracia
Carrer de Puigmartí, 18
08012 Barcelona
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El Masnou
Carrer de Sant Felip, 32 
08320 El Masnou
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Carrer Calvari, 11
12540 Vila-real
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CBD Alchemy Italy - HQ

Via Paolo Borsellino 1/C
42019 Arceto RE
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