Bringing Alchemy to CBD products since 1997

We deliver the highest quality products to help you reach total well-being, find your true balance between body and mind.

All made with passion

From the fields, directly to you
All laboratory made in Switzerland.

The best strains available, straight from our farmers.

Our delicacies will help you relax in your busiest days.

Everything you need to take care of your body.


We thrive to provide you with the highest quality products. Our farmers and chemists are hard at work to ensure you get the best possible products.

100% Legal

All CBD derivatives are legal in Europe as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC. Our products are tested by third-party laboratories to make sure of it.

Fast shipping

When you order with us you can be sure to get your package delivered promptly. We send them the same day if ordered before noon , the next day otherwise.

First-class service

If you have questions regarding our products or the use of CBD products in general, our team is happily here for you.


Make Your Own CBD Flower Infusions

There are many ways to consume CBD flowers: by inhalation, infusion, oil, tincture, topical patches, capsules… Today we want to tell you how to make a delicious CBD marijuana infusion

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