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from 4.50/g

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Blueberry CBD Flowers

from 4.50/g

CBD: < 30%
THC: < 0.3%
Dominant: Hybrid, Indica dominant

Blueberry CBD is a cannabis strain masterfully developed by crossing the well-known “Blueberry” variety with a CBD-rich cannabis plant. This hybridization aims to merge the characteristic flavors and aromas of Blueberry with the therapeutic benefits associated with CBD, creating a variety rich in CBD and low in THC.

Blueberry CBD buds offer a visual spectacle with their dense structure and vibrant colors. They are beautifully adorned with deep greens, hints of purple, and a generous coating of shiny trichomes, reflecting its high-quality genetics and CBD-rich composition. The buds testify to the meticulous care taken during cultivation, resulting in a visually stunning and potent cannabis strain.

Awaken your senses with the intoxicating sweet and fruity aroma of Blueberry CBD. This strain is characterized by distinctive ripe blueberry and berry notes, providing a comforting and invigorating sensory delight. The intensity of the aroma can vary depending on phenotype and growing conditions, ensuring that every Blueberry CBD experience is unique.

Origin and cultivation
Blueberry CBD was developed by crossing the famous Blueberry strain with a CBD-rich cannabis plant. This strain is grown organically indoors, guaranteeing the highest quality and purity. Growers adhere to environmentally friendly cultivation practices to minimize environmental impact, resulting in a strain that is as sustainable as it is potent.

Blueberry CBD’s lineage is deeply rooted in the celebrated Blueberry strain, known for its sweet and fruity flavors. This strain has been selectively bred to maximize its CBD content and minimize THC levels. It is ideal for those seeking sensory delight and potential wellness benefits such as relaxation, anxiety relief, and pain reduction.

The CBD percentage indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the lab for this genetic. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in cannabinoid percentage from flower to flower. In addition, batches are often slightly different from each other. Despite this variability, CBD Alchemy guarantees the legality of all individual batches, as THC is analyzed daily in all marketed products.

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