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Gelato – Small Buds

from 0.90/g

from 0.90/g

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Gelato - CBD Flowers Small Buds

from 0.90/g

CBD: < 15%
THC: < 0.3%
Dominant: Hybrid

This flower is also available in Big Buds here.

Gelato CBD is a CBD-rich variant of the popular Gelato strain, specially bred to offer a high cannabidiol (CBD) and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Like the original Gelato, Gelato CBD retains many of its characteristic traits, offering a sweet, fruity, and decadent flavor profile similar to that of a luxurious Italian dessert.

Gelato CBD is characterized by dense, colorful buds, often with purple, orange, and green hues. They are usually covered with a shiny layer of trichomes, reflecting the potency and quality of the strain.

Gelato CBD stands out for its unique taste and aroma. Its profile is mainly sweet and fruity, with hints of vanilla, spices, and notes of berries, citrus, and mint. The complexity of its aroma makes it a delight for those seeking a sensory cannabis experience.

Origin and cultivation
Gelato CBD is a hybrid cannabis strain from a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. These parent strains are known for their unique flavor profiles, which blend beautifully in Gelato CBD. This strain is grown organically indoors, guaranteeing its high quality and purity.

This strain originates in the much-loved Gelato, a variety famous for its sweet and creamy taste, reminiscent of the Italian dessert from which it derives its name. The Gelato CBD variant maintains these traits while focusing on a high CBD and low THC content, offering an exquisite experience for those seeking a delicious cannabis strain.

The CBD percentage listed above is an estimate representing the maximum value obtained in laboratory testing of this strain. However, the product is a plant, and significant variations in cannabinoid percentage can occur from flower to flower. In addition, batches can often be slightly different from one another. Despite this variability, CBD Alchemy guarantees the legality of all individual batches, as THC is tested daily in all marketed products.

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