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from 2.90/g

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Cookies CBD Flowers

from 2.90/g

CBD: < 25%
THC: < 0.3%
Dominant: Hybrid, Indica dominant

Discover the fascinating “Cookies” genetics in its CBD Alchemy version. This unique genetic has been meticulously developed to offer an exceptional cannabis experience with various characteristics that will delight you. Cookies CBD, a popular strain in legal CBD cannabis, stands out for its sweet aroma and appealing appearance, which will win over CBD cannabis enthusiasts.

Cookies CBD buds are dark green, contrasting with the bright white trichomes covering the surface. The buds are dense, cone-shaped, and medium-sized, with dark orange pistils that intertwine between the flowers.

Cookies CBD’s aroma is sweet and earthy, with notes of vanilla and butter that make it unique in legal CBD cannabis. Its terpene profile offers a bouquet of fragrances reminiscent of freshly baked cookies, with a subtle spicy hint in the aftertaste.

Origin and cultivation
Farms specializing in the production of high-quality legal cannabis grow this CBD variety. The production site we chose is a fertile piece of land with traditional cultivation fields. Culturing tubular greenhouses without artificial light and following ecological practices guarantees that Cookies CBD develops healthily and sustainably without using heavy metals or transgenic products.

Cookies CBD results from a careful cross between two varieties very appreciated in the cannabis world: Girl Scout Cookies and an unknown member of the CBD family. This predominantly indica genetic is known for its relaxing properties and unique terpene profile, giving it a characteristic sweet cookie taste.

The CBD percentage indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this genetics. Being a plant, there can be significant variations in the percentage of cannabinoids from one flower to another and between different batches.

Despite this variability, CBD Alchemy guarantees the legality of all the individual lots since the THC is analyzed in all the marketed products.

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