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Our Ecosystem
Premium Quality Hemp

Our Ecosystem

Committed to Nature

Lovers of nature and inspired by the extraordinary benefits of cannabis, at CBD Alchemy we work passionately to offer our customers premium quality organic hemp flowers with high CBD content.

Our production chain applies the guidelines of the Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices (GACP), and this reflects the deep respect we have for nature and for every party involved in our business, people included.

Our flowers are grown indoor, in greenhouses and outdoor, and each stage of the production process is submitted to strict quality controls; at CBD Alchemy we take great care of our plants and of the soil to ensure a totally natural and pure product grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides nor other contaminants.

For us, respecting nature at every stage of the production chain, following its rhythms and harvesting its fruits is a cultural matter: if it’s good for Mother Earth, it’s good for us.

Our Products

CBD Alchemy is Hemp Quality Products

Cannabis: its properties have been known for thousands of years by people of all the world and with the most diverse social backgrounds and educational levels.

Prohibited for decades, the cultivation and sale of Cannabis light, i.e. cannabis with a low THC content, has now become legal in Europe and therefore any commercial operation – be it a bar, a tobacconist’s, an electronic cigarette shop, a pharmacy, a cosmetics shop or a grow shop – does not require authorisation to sell it to the end customer.

Overcoming the scepticism and prejudice that have always accompanied cannabis, it has been understood that, in order to avoid psychoactive effects, it is sufficient that the content of the active principle THC does not exceed a maximum threshold, which is also set by the law.

Obviously, each CBD Alchemy product is fully traceable and leaves our warehouses with its own Certificate of Origin and the relevant Laboratory Analysis certifying the purity of the product and the compliance of the THC levels with the maximum threshold set by the law.

CBD Alchemy Spain

Barcelona Aribau
Carrer d’Aribau, 43
08011 Barcelona
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Barcelona Gracia
Carrer de Puigmartí, 18
08012 Barcelona
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El Masnou
Carrer de Sant Felip, 32 
08320 El Masnou
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Carrer Calvari, 11
12540 Vila-real
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CBD Alchemy Italy - HQ

Via Paolo Borsellino 1/C
42019 Arceto RE
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