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CBD Crumble Girl Scout Cookies

from 4.90/g

from 4.90/g

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CBD Crumble Girl Scout Cookies

from 4.90/g

CBD: > 95%
THC: < 0.2%
Ingredients: CBD Isolate and essential oils

CBD Alchemy offers a premium CBD concentrate called “Crumble Girl Scout Cookies”. This high-quality product has 95.0% CBD and less than 0.2% THC, making it a safe and effective way to consume CBD.

Our crumble is made with pure CBD isolate, mixed with an extract of apical flowers that are rich in terpenes. It contains only tiny amounts of other cannabinoids, making it a pure and high-quality product.

We use a natural and unique drying method that involves lower temperatures and longer drying times, resulting in a soft, yellow crumble that is easy to break apart by hand. We don’t use any chemicals or solvents in the process. This makes sure that our product is pure and of high quality.

CBD Alchemy Crumble comes in three delicious flavors: “Natural,” “Girl Scout Cookies,” and “Lemon Pie.” Each flavor has its own set of terpenes, providing a unique and enjoyable experience. The Girl Scout Cookies Crumble has a minty chocolate finish, sweet elements hidden in the dark, and a slightly Skunky aroma.

Our versatile product can be consumed in many ways. You can use it with a dab or vaporizer like other concentrates, mix it with e-liquids for vaping, or dissolve it in food and drinks.

Our crumble has a high concentration of CBD and terpenes, making it a unique and relaxing way to take CBD. The essential oils of cannabis in the product give it a pleasant and distinct smell, providing a floral, fruity, and earthy aroma that is both intense and smooth.

You can get even more terpenes out of the crumble by breaking it or handling it. This will make the smell even stronger. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable aromatherapy experience. Choose CBD Alchemy Crumble for a pure and high-quality CBD concentrate.

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