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Uncovering CBD Barcelona: the Alchemy Behind High-Quality CBD Products

If you’re enthusiastic about CBD, you’ll be interested in learning more about CBD Alchemy, an Italian-born company creating waves in Barcelona. CBD Alchemy is changing the CBD industry in Spain, with a rich past and a strong dedication to quality. In this blog article, we’ll look at their origins, vision, and purpose, as well as give you all the information you need to try their amazing goods for yourself.

CBD Alchemy: A Tradition and a Passion

CBD Alchemy has been devoted to the growing, processing, and dissemination of hemp and its derivatives. Their team’s enthusiasm and constant technical improvements have made it possible for them to keep looking for new and sustainable ways to grow plants.

As a completely independent producer, CBD Alchemy can focus on meeting the needs of its many clients, both as a B2B wholesaler and as an established chain of retail shops. Their dedication to quality pushes them to create new goods and solutions on a regular basis.

CBD Alchemy Cannabis plants and our team on the fields
CBD Alchemy Cannabis plants and our team on the fields

CBD Alchemy is one of only a few Italian companies that is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), the most authoritative association of organizations and businesses working together to spread knowledge about hemp, its potential, and the social, economic, and environmental benefits it can offer.

CBD Alchemy is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Vision and Mission: Embracing Hemp Alchemy

CBD Alchemy’s goal is to establish itself as a leader in hemp-based product culture and quality. Their goal is to assist customers in achieving equilibrium of body and mind, and their slogan “Follow the Alchemy” embodies this guiding principle.

Our motto: Follow the Alchemy

The CBD Alchemy Story: Development and Innovation

Django Ramseyer, the company’s founder, learned at an early age that hemp could be a successful treatment for his epilepsy. Django started growing his own hemp with the help of his father, as a means of both treating himself and leading a full and active lifestyle.

In 1997, his love for hemp cultivation became a career, and in 2017, CBD Alchemy was founded as a top European production and processing company. CBD Alchemy is now a well-known and organized business, with products sold in more than 18 European countries. This makes them a great partner for those who want white-label and branded solutions that are flexible, scalable, and of high quality.

Our Alchemists innovating in our lab
Our Alchemists innovating in our lab

CBD Barcelona – you can find CBD Alchemy’s exclusive CBD products in four retail locations:

Barcelona Aribau Store
Carrer d’Aribau, 43
08011 Barcelona

Barcelona Bonanova Store
Carrer d’Artesa de Segre, 4
08022 Barcelona

Barcelona Gracia Store
Carrer de Puigmartí, 18
08012 Barcelona

El Masnou Store
Carrer de Sant Felip, 32
08320 El Masnou

CBD Alchemy is a living example of the force of passion, ingenuity, and a commitment to excellence. They offer an extensive selection of outstanding goods to help you achieve the ideal equilibrium between body and mind as a pioneer in the CBD business. If you happen to be in Barcelona, make sure to swing by one of their shops.

CBD Alchemy’s client happiness speaks for itself, with a superb 4.9-star rating!

You can also read some of the shops’ reviews:

High rated customer review of CBD Alchemy

CBD Alchemy’s Showcase of Excellence at Spannabis 2023

CBD Alchemy was thrilled to be a part of the Spannabis 2023 trade show. From March 10 to 12, guests could find CBD Alchemy at Stand 236 in Hall 4 of the Fira de Cornella in Barcelona. Attendees had the chance to learn about the benefits of CBD, examine our high-quality products, and ask about starting their own CBD company.

About Spannabis

Spannabis is a cannabis event hosted annually in Spain that has been taking place in Barcelona since 2002. It is Europe’s largest cannabis fair. Attendees can discover goods connected to the cannabis plant, and its commercial applications (cosmetics, footwear, textiles, construction materials, food), as well as crops, agricultural systems, recreational consumption, and phototherapy. The gathering also includes conferences on subjects such as herbal therapy, cultivation, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and harm reduction.

The legendary Jorge Cervantes visits CBD Alchemy at Spannabis 2023
The legendary Jorge Cervantes visits CBD Alchemy at Spannabis 2023

Visit These Cannabis-Friendly Locations in Barcelona

In addition to CBD Alchemy’s retail sites, visit these cannabis-friendly places in and around Barcelona:

Parc Güell
This stunning park created by Antoni Gaudì is an ideal place to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature while reaping the benefits of CBD. Discover the park’s vibrant mosaics, distinctive buildings, and breathtaking vistas.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
This exhibit is devoted to the history and culture of cannabis and is located in the center of Barcelona. Learn about the numerous applications of hemp throughout history, as well as the amazing collection of smoking paraphernalia and the role of cannabis in health.

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona
Barcelona is home to more than 200 cannabis clubs. We understand how difficult it can be to decide which club to join. Cannabis Barcelona is the city’s leading cannabis-related information website.

G13 Cannabis Club
G13 is a welcoming cannabis social club, located in a perfect corner of Barcelona, just a couple of blocks from Sagrada Familia. With an extensive selection of high-quality products, customers are unanimous that it offers great vibes, comfortable seating, and all kinds of entertainment possibilities to enjoy your time the way you like to. Remember that you’ll need a membership to enter the club, so prepare beforehand!

GWA Social Club Barcelona

El Club Verde Barcelona

The Park Güell is our top spot for cannabis lovers in Barcelona
The Park Güell is our top spot for cannabis lovers in Barcelona
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CBD Alchemy Spain

Barcelona Aribau
Carrer d’Aribau, 43
08011 Barcelona
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Barcelona Gracia
Carrer de Puigmartí, 18
08012 Barcelona
More details

El Masnou
Carrer de Sant Felip, 32 
08320 El Masnou
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Carrer Calvari, 11
12540 Vila-real
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CBD Alchemy Italy - HQ

Via Paolo Borsellino 1/C
42019 Arceto RE
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