Ice Rock


CBD: < 70%
THC: < 0.2%
Aroma: Fresh, Intense
Intensity: quite High
Dominant: Indica

Unique in its kind, like the CBG Moon Rock, the Ice Rock maintains its exclusive format and its very powerful effect. The bud is immersed in CBD oil and then coated with CBD crystal (powder extraction). The white powder and its hard texture are will remind you of true ice rocks. Once grinded, it has a very generous content. Like the CBG Moon Rock, it is also considered as CBD caviar. The main feature of this delightful flower is its strong sedative effect. Ideal for alleviating strong pain or severe muscular tensions.

Looking for an intergalactic trip? Ice Rock is for you.
Make the most of it by vaping!



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1g, 3g (11.7€/g)

Ice Rock



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