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How to care for your CBD flowers: Tips for proper storage

People who consume CBD Flowers often notice a decrease in their quality in terms of taste, smell, and effects over days or weeks. This is usually due to improper preservation of these flowers. Poor preservation can make the flowers mouldy or just too dry.

If this occurs, the result will be irreversible, and the flower will lose its flavor and properties. That is why knowing how to preserve the CBD flower properly should be a standard for all consumers of this product.

So, in this section, we will give you some tips on preserving CBD buds to keep them fresh. But first, we’ll start with the basics – what are CBD flowers, and how do you use them?

What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are hemp flowers, a variety of cannabis. These flowers are grown with the accepted percentage of THC in Europe, less than 0.2%. With this percentage of THC, CBD flowers do not have psychoactive effects.

These flowers, despite being different from cannabis, adapt to the necessary parameters to be legal, smell, taste, and look very similar to cannabis with a high THC content.

CBD flowers: how to use them

CBD flowers can be used in many different ways. In most cases, this flower is usually ingested with other edibles. In some countries where it is allowed, it is also often inhaled. It is not usually smoked due to its taste.

But regardless of how it’s used, the CBD flower needs to be kept in good condition to avoid deterioration and the loss of flavour, aroma, and potency. But how can we do it? We’ll outline many options and tell you which is most advised.

Tips for the correct storage of cannabis flowers

There are 3 very important factors to consider when storing CBD flowers: humidity, air, and light.

To avoid drying out too much, losing some of its flavors, and eventually developing mold, the flower should maintain a humidity level between 54 to 63%.

We must know that oxygen is necessary for this plant in the air. However, when the buds are dry, they are more susceptible to an extreme amount of oxygen exposure and can begin to degrade.

As for light, the sun’s rays are very harmful to cannabinoids, especially CBD. Therefore, we should avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Although we have mentioned the three most important factors when preserving CBD flower, there is a fourth factor that we must also consider – temperature.

Temperatures exceeding 25°C can create mold if the air is moist. But the flower can also dry out too quickly in a dry heat environment, greatly affecting its terpenes. It is therefore recommended to keep the CBD flower at a temperature between 15 and 21°C.

Now let’s examine each of the ways to store CBD flowers

In a jar

Storing CBD flowers in an airtight glass or jar will better preserve the flower. Doing this can shield the buds from air, light, and humidity. For correct conservation, we should close the jar but not hermetically. Doing so will ensure that the flower receives enough air while letting the humidity escape. And of course, they should avoid intense light, so it is advisable to store them in dark places.

In vacuum bags

The conditions for storing CBD flowers in vacuum bags or plastic boxes are similar to those in glass containers, and we must follow the same instructions. They should be stored in cool and dark places.
In this case, we must consider that we will have to empty the air every time we open these bags, and we should never use normal plastic bags or tuppers. The reason is that plastic’s static electricity can break the buds.

In the refrigerator

Putting the vacuum bags or jars in the fridge will help the flower to stay at the right temperature. Although opinions are divided on the matter, keeping CBD in a freezer is not recommended, especially if it is not used exclusively for storage.

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